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Ascendancy Studios is constantly working on new projects. Before a project can be realised, a setting has to be created. For one particulair project, an entire new universe had to be created. All things, events and people that we wanted to use within that universe had to be registered in a wiki to ensure all content that would be created would follow the same guideline and use the same information. This way the integrity of the universe wouldn't be comprimised. This required a lot of imagination, checking on what you've written so far and, most of all, time.

We started with thinking up a main storyline and the basic premise. Which was: "An alternate course of WWII, three main factions, set in the far future, all factions fighting for control of worlds and power, hostile alien interference". With a basic premise established we then began asking important questions such as: "What happened alternative to historical WWII?", "Who are these factions?", "Where did this alternative history lead?" and "What is the main goal of this all?"

Then we needed to fill in the details for each part even further. For instance: "What is the history of this faction?", "Who leads it?", "How is the organisation structured?", "What is its military like?", "What kind of weaponry and technology do they have?", "Which worlds do they control?" and many more questions like this. Eventually, when you keep asking questions like this and keep writing down the anwsers, you'll have created an entire new universe.
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Halo: Fleet Command

As a Halo fan, I decided on making my very own modification. Since Nexus: The Jupiter Incident had a great engine for space warfare, I decided on making my mod for that game. I started teaching myself how to model and UV unwrap using 3ds Max and texture using Adobe Photoshop. I taught myself by reading and watching online tutorials; talking with other, experienced modders; and by simple trial and error.

I started by writing down which units I wanted there to be and while I started modeling them, I also started writing down statistics of the units. Armor, speed, weaponry, etc. This so things were a little balanced and what would most likely make for a fun game. This, of course, could always be tweaked later.

After finishing all models and textures, I had to get these models ingame. For this, I had to teach myself how to script a little and work with the back-end of Nexus.

Even now, I maintain a Moddb page, an Modification database page. On this I inform people of the status of this mod, show updates and try to listen to advice, suggestions and feedback ensuring that the mod will be well received once released.

Halo: First Offensive

Initially Halo: First Offensive was a large Halo modificiation for Star Wars: Empire at War. It had a large staff and was making a lot of progress. After showing I had multiple talents (mapping, modeling and basic texturing) and that I was highly interested in joining the team, I was taken on as a mapper. After creating several maps, but finding out maps weren't being used at this stage, I decided on taking on some modeling tasks that were still open. HFO3

Around that time, decline had set in and a lot of staffmembers were leaving, mostly due to an absent modleader. Having had enough of the decline, Ds took the position of modleader and got things back on track. With little to no moddelers left however, I became one of the main moddelers.

HFO1 After progress was back on track with the original schedule, with updates coming out at least once every two months, decline set in once again as all remaining staffmembers quit one by one. With just Ds and myself working on things, progress grinded to a halt. After a while, Ds grew tired of Halo: First Offensive and we decided I was to continue on my own for a while. At least until we had a release. After finding some scripting help, I managed to create a nice enough result to have a decent release and give a nice ending to a mod that has been worked on by so many for so long.

In the end, I spend nearly three and a half years working on Halo: First Offensive. Throughout this entire project I have learned a lot of things, many of which I will be able to use to make later projects succesful.