Search Engine Optimization
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and, simply put, means getting a website to rank as high as possible when someone is looking for certain keywords that correspond with the content you offer on your website.

All-round advice
Ascendancy Studios gives consult to companies about formulating a marketing policy and plan. Because of Ascendancy Studios' wide interest and ambition we can assist you with technical SEO matters, content strategy, online marketing as well as SEA.

SEO can be broken down into three main components; 'Technical factors' and 'Content' which in turn leads to the third main component; 'Linkbuilding'.

Technical factors
There are at least 200 different technical factors that are known to have an influence on your website's ranking. Whether your pages have meta-description, keywords, unique URLs, if the chosen keywords are also used in the title and content and much, much more.

By creating a unique brand with lots of relevant information, you can set your website apart from all other websites. Meaning when people are looking for something specific, they will find your website more easily, which in turn will also boost the overall ranking.

Having great content effects important factors, for example how long people stay on certain pages, how many pages people visit before leaving and also, very important; how many people write about or link to your website. These factors can be of heavy influence on a website's ranking.

How many people write about and link to your website leans towards Linkbuilding. Which is where you focus on making people aware of your website and it's content. A website exists for a reason. Owners are usually mostly interested in conversions, people who go from visiting the website to making a purchase.